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National Precast Online has been developed by National Precast Concrete Association Australia, the peak industry body for the precast manufacturing industry in Australia.

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Sarah Bachmann - National Precast CEO

From National Precast’s CEO

Precast concrete is one of the oldest forms of prefabrication, realising the many benefits of offsite manufacturing. The recent trend to increase use of offsite manufactured products in construction is providing the Australian construction industry probably its biggest opportunity for productivity improvement in many years. The result has seen precast concrete increasingly specified across all sectors, including in both the civil and buildings environment, and there has been a consequent growth in the industry. Existing precast manufacturers have increased production volumes, while new precast manufacturers have been established around the country.

Combined with the growth in the precast industry comes a need for improved skills development. That skills development extends from precast manufacturers and their workers right through to industry stakeholders like architects, engineers, builders and developers. Students in these fields are also requiring an increased understanding of precast concrete as many university courses do not sufficiently cover the topic.

Online learning courses have been developed in response to a recognised need for improved formal training and skills development for all stakeholders in the industry. Development of courses is also consistent with National Precast’s continued pursuits to raise the bar for all stakeholders.

The courses have been developed by National Precast with assistance from members and other industry leaders. Ultimately, we envisage this will form part of an industry-recognised qualification.

We look forward to your engagement with the online courses and welcome your feedback and ideas for additional courses.

What Our Students Have to Say

While I am studying architecture, the packed course content makes it impossible to get a thorough understanding of every product and construction method out there. These courses supplement my tertiary study to help make me job ready.
Leighton Elliott
University SA student, Adelaide, SA
There are no formal training courses available in the traditional trade training streams and current available RTO’s for new workers in precast factories. These courses fill the void and now we require all new employees to complete a range of courses.
Michael Waeger
Waeger Constructions, Rutherford, NSW
I wanted to start working in precast manufacturing, but had never previously worked in this industry. I made the decision to complete an “Intro to Precast” course with National Precast. This has given me the basic knowledge up my sleeve and confidence to enter the precast industry. I’ve now successfully gained employment (who were impressed that I had taken the initiative to learn the basics beforehand). I’m now on the way to completing my next precast course to further my knowledge.
Steve Harradine
Manufacturing Team Member for SA Precast Pty Ltd, Adelaide SA
There has been a lot of focus on grouting and the responsibilities of engineers. I strongly encourage anyone involved in building design and installation of prefabricated concrete to do the course.
John Woodside
Engineer, J Woodside Consulting