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Enrol in National Precast Online courses to broaden your understanding of precast concrete. Courses are being developed covering the basics right through to some of the most technical aspects.
New courses will be added often, so make sure you check in regularly to stay up with the latest on offer.


Introduction to Precast

This course gives you an introduction to precast. Learn about how precast differs from site poured concrete, the types and applications of precast elements and why it’s the fastest construction method available. You’ll be provided with an overview of the manufacturing, transport and installation processes.


Understanding Precast 101 – Building construction

This course allows your precast knowledge growth to expand to the next level, learning more about every aspect to precast concrete.


Understanding grouted precast joints – Technical Course

A part of the Technical series, this course you will learn an in-depth understanding of grouted precast joints.


Inspection of newly installed stormwater drainage assets

An intermediate course where you will gain an understanding of practices and specifications for precast stormwater asset inspection.


Installation of precast lifting anchors

Learn the correct methods for installation of precast lifting anchors. The course is aimed, but not limited to, employees of precast manufacturing companies.


Understanding Hollowcore Flooring

A technical series course where you will learn planning and design to understanding of specifications of hollowcore flooring.

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National Precast Online has be developed to improve skills and knowledge of both precast industry workers and those in the broader construction and infrastructures space.
Courses can be used to develop a basic understanding for first-time workers and specifiers, advance operational and technical knowledge, or increase awareness of design and functional possibilities.

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Our precast online courses have been developed by experts who have spent time in the field and on-site to bring you the most relevant information. They are designed to propel you into your precast journey and are suited to the most inexperienced practitioners right through to professionals with a solid precast history.

The courses can take you on a journey in a staged approach, offering introductory information through to a thorough practical understanding in your scope of operation. 
The learning curriculum structure is as follows:
– Beginners level knowledge and topics;
– Intermediate level knowledge and topics; and
– Technical and advanced knowledge and topics.

All National Precast Online courses and information throughout are designed and developed by leading and experienced Australian precast industry experts. These people range from precast manufacturers, engineers, to architects, installers to contractors… all of whom have a wealth of knowledge.

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While I am studying architecture, the packed course content makes it impossible to get a thorough understanding of every product and construction method out there. These courses supplement my tertiary study to help make me job ready.
Leighton Elliott
University SA student, Adelaide, SA
There are no formal training courses available in the traditional trade training streams and current available RTO’s for new workers in precast factories. These courses fill the void and now we require all new employees to complete a range of courses.
Michael Waeger
Waeger Constructions, Rutherford, NSW
There has been a lot of focus on grouting and the responsibilities of engineers. I strongly encourage anyone involved in building design and installation of prefabricated concrete to do the course.
John woodside
Engineer, J Woodside Consulting